Customer Centered Organizations Deal With Customer Service

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Customer-centered organizations deal a great deal with customer service, which can make or break an organization. Customers play a huge role in the success of companies so making sure they are happy with their product and/or service as well as their interactions with staff is critical to the company. This firm may have needed a change to their organizational structure to increase their business as well as their customer satisfaction. “One of the most important management skills in services today is the ability to lead organizational change” (Taylor, 2014). Managers see change as necessary and this firm is taking the right steps in evaluating how that change will affect its staff. Sampling plays a large role in research where researchers want to collect data and information on a population. “The basic idea of sampling is that by selecting some of the elements in a population, we may draw conclusions about the entire population” (Cooper & Schindler, 2014, pg. 338). In regards to the firm and changing to a customer-centered organization structure, conducting a research study regarding the morale of the transition with computer technicians is important to understand how/if the transition will work. A firm that is going from little to no customer interaction to significant customer interaction will have to generate a study to gain greater insight into if people are receptive to the transition. Sampling also has its advantages including; lower cost, greater accuracy of results, greater speed of data collection, and availability of population elements. All of these advantages makes sampling more approachable and easier to conduct in regards to the morale’ of the computer technicians at the firm. As mentioned above, conducting a resear... ... middle of paper ... ...ters to study (Cooper & Schindler, 2014). For CSX, this would be similar to stratified sampling but would provide further weighting of the results based on the subgroup studied. For instance, if it was determined that operations managers, like those on the front line and involved hands-on every day, were better able to determine the desired skills than another subgroup, more weight would be given to the operations manager group. Double Double sampling involves using any of the previous techniques to select a sample, performing the study, and then sampling again for further information (Cooper & Schindler, 2014). In the case of CSX, simple random or systematic sampling could be used to get an overall picture of the desired skills. Following this, stratified or cluster sampling could be used to determine the appropriate weight to put on the results obtained.

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