Customer Analytics Is Necessary For Increase Your Lead Conversions

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Customer analytics is necessary to increase your lead conversions. However, Harvard Business Review reported that only 36.6% of companies use analytics to drive customer acquisition. By examining customer data, your team can deliver relevant messages and create personalized experiences—transforming prospects into lifelong customers. Higher retention equals greater sales for your company. “Companies that make extensive use of customer analytics are more likely to report outperforming their competitors on key performance metrics, whether profit, sales, sales growth, or return on investment,” wrote Lars Fiedler, Vice President of Marketing Navigator at McKinsey. Convert prospects into leads with customer analytics. Check out the five strategies below. 1. Observe email campaign data Email marketing drives more conversions than any other marketing channel. It’s an effective method to talk directly to your prospect. But are your messages resonating with your target audience? To find out, use data to track your email campaign efforts. Successful marketers stick to a few key metrics: click-through rate, email visits, email conversions, and unsubscribe rate. These data points gauge the level engagement amongst your subscribers. For example, click-through rate measures of how many leads clicked on one of the links in your email. Use this knowledge to decipher which content your subscribers enjoy the most or what calls-to-action entice people to click. Image Source Create email campaigns that fit your consumers’ needs. By studying their email behavior, you’ll learn how to provide more value. “Focus [your] analytics efforts on problems that directly impact customers. Use analytics primarily to increase value to the customer rat... ... middle of paper ... .... Examine how you collect customer feedback. Ask short and straightforward questions. Data also suggests that if a person begins answering a survey, there is a sharp increase in drop-off rate after each additional question asked. Image Source To improve your sales funnel, be open to asking your customers for feedback about your product and their experiences. Study your analytics Take advantage of customer analytics to boost your lead conversions. Using data offers your team the opportunity offer tailored experiences. Develop email campaigns that focus on the prospect’s behavior, and learn how people interact with your website via session replays. Transform social media activity into a tool to build relationships; craft forms that increase completions. Take advantage of customer feedback to modify sales demos. Convert more leads. Focus on customer analytics.

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