Current US Welfare Reform

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The current (US) welfare reform consists of more than cash payment that the poor US citizen could bank on. There is a monthly payment that each poor person received in spite of their ability to work. The main people who received this payment were both mothers and children. Moreover, the payment does not have time limit and those people could not remain on the welfare for the rest of their live.
However, US citizen begun to be uncomfortable with the old welfare system by the 1990’s because it did not offer incentive for the beneficiaries to seek for employment. The welfare became both rewarding and perpetuating even though it did not reduce the level of poverty in the United States.
The Welfare Reform Act represented the attempt gave to reform their US welfare system. The government encouraged the beneficiaries to leave the welfare (Longley 3). The government went to an extent of encouraging them to go to work. Under the Welfare reformed Act, there are some guiding principles that the beneficiaries were to live by. However, the approval of this law in US ushered in different welfare that the citizen did not anticipate. Moreover, this changed the approach that the government was using to support the needy families in U.S. the main purpose of this reform was to bring to promote job preparation together with work in order to bring to an end the government cash assistance dependence.
On the contrary, the U.S citizen could not get back to work because of the current (US) welfare reform for a number of reasons. A great number of beneficiaries could not get employment. This is simply because almost 42 percent of the beneficiaries were high school students, 33 percent had poor health and 30 percent had no employment in recent y...

... middle of paper ... subjected to a number of conditionality. This simple because they face benefit sanctions and work fare.
However, the analysis that took place in 2010 show the reason why there is an increase in long term beneficiary claimant. In addition, this does not include the all working age benefits that include people in ESA Support Group. This ESA Support group is composed of people who claim the old Incapacity Benefit. There is also an increase in the number of the claimants in the working age benefit for the since 2010.
As a result, a great number of people become dependent on the foodbanks for them to feed their children. Moreover, grasping parasites in the U.S government pockets a good amount of money from the government tax making the welfare reform to become costly. The current U.S. welfare reform has become costly of late and it is no longer working in U.S.
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