Current Trend of Wildfires in the United States

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The purpose of this report is to analyze the current trend of wildfires in the United States and its severity and demonstrate how remotely piloted can help mitigate this at higher rates by recommending to the target audience that use of UAVs be put into law. With the current rate of devastating droughts throughout the country there couldn’t be a better time to recommend a use of technology that seems to be the way of the future. This report will cover how UAVs can be used for surveillance and reconnaissance in fire hunting, how UAVs are used in fire hunting, and mainly cover the need and potential benefits of using these as a tool. Lastly, this report will also cover current laws set into place that allow for use of civilian drones and give a more in depth look as why this is simply not enough. AUDIENCE SCENARIO The primary target audience for this scenario is the Wildland Fire Executive Council (WFEC). WFEC is a discretionary advisory committee established under the authorities of the Secretary of the Interior and Secretary of Agriculture and provides advice and recommendations on national wildland fire management. INTRODUCTION Background & Purpose According to in 2012 9.3 million acres of land was burned nationwide while only 200,000 acres were harvested. In other words this means that there were 44 times as many uncontrolled wildfires as there were controlled wildfires. The U.S. Forest Service stated that between 65 and 82 million acres of land are at “high risk” of unsalvageable wild fires this is due to the fact that there are nearly 5 times as many trees per acre than the times of our nation’s greatest explorers(Committee on Natural Resources 2013, 09). The end result of this is land bein... ... middle of paper ... ...?DocumentID=350430 Daniel , W. (2013, 02). Update: Nine states looking to restrict uav use, more coming. Retrieved from National Interagency Coordination Center. (2004). Total wildland fires and acres (1960-2009). Retrieved from National Park Service. (N/A). Fire and aviation management. Retrieved from United States Department of the Interior. (2014, 01 23). Information bulletin. Retrieved from Wester Forestry Leadership Coaltion. (2009, 04). The true cost of wildfire in western u.s.. Retrieved from

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