Current Status of the Philippines

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"Life only asks us to make reasonable progress in reasonable time." - Anonymous. The Philippines is disorganized, to due to the lavish culture in which the growing country revises itself and modifies its economy and political position, by increasing GDP or other quantities and desires to develop a well run country by putting an end to terrorism threats and decreasing the number of people in poverty. Similarly, the Philippine social structure, political condition, and economic circumstances, are all assembled in the same way. Life in the Philippines are hard, traumatic, and severe but not impossible.
The philippines is illustrated as a country that is lodged between being contemporary and retaining a local tradition. Naturally, the Philippines has a really plentiful culture. Despite that, ever since the 19th century, when the Western invasion what is at its finest, Philippines was troubled with the lack of culture from the nation. They believed that the culture of foreigners was more important than the existing Filipino culture. This caused Filipinos to be discomfited to be Filipino. The traditional nation state reenables itself and initially creates new forms of modern social consciousness after being barged in on my the American Colonization. In the Filipino society, family connections are essential. In the philippines, marriage is hardly ever authorized for member with the same family ties. They also have agricultural regions with villages that include bunches of houses with residents from extended families. These neighborhoods offer social support and indicate the lack of foundations.
Political conditions in the Philippines can be classified as chaotic. On average over the last ten years, the Philippine economy has increas...

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