Cure for Heroin Abuse and Danger behind Addiction

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Recently, the second day of February 2014, one of America’s favorite actors Phillip Seymour Hoffman, was found dead on the bathroom floor of his apartment. He was found with needle in his arm—which inside was a mixture of heroin and other drugs. He was supposed to go pick up his kids, but so addicted, got caught up doing drugs instead, then lost his life. Imagine a father who died due to drug abuse, leaving behind distressed children; it’s the worst thing a family could go through. Like Hoffman, many people are going through drug addiction, and injections that are fatal; but we can take a look at solutions which can, not only cure people suffering from heroin addiction, but also understand the danger behind it.
Generally all over the world, heroin have been known as one of the most used and dangerous drugs. heroin is from morphine, which is a form of drug use to help with severe pain. Unlike cocaine, heroin can be injected directly through the veins. “Depend on the form of the heroin, e.g. tar or powder; the drug might be injected snorted or smoked” (Clatts et al). However the misuse of heroin does not only apply to people buying it from drug dealers, or black market; but also from medical usage known as pain relievers, and ‘doctor shopping’. “Studies have shown that heroin users were most likely to have a close partner doing the injection of the drug instead other type of use”. (Roy et al). Generally, drug users are people who seek a better psychological and physical satisfaction. The rate of heroin abuse increased in the past few years, not only for adults, but also young adult; which causing the death rates from drug abuse rising up.
Heroin abuse often starts with doctor’s prescriptions of pain relief pills. Although drug m...

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... and leaving family behind because of fatal overdose.

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