Curbing Obesity Rates

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Fast food is responsible for the increase of obesity rates in Western nations. In order to curb obesity rates, government regulation from the local level is necessary. The fast food corporations are responsible for the obesity epidemic because they make false health claims about their food and market heavily to children. But critics of regulation state that individuals, along with their food choices are responsible for the obesity epidemic. But regulation proponents believe that fast food needs regulation because of high obesity rates in poor inner city neighborhoods. In order to curb current obesity rates, local governments must intervene by implementing fast food regulations.

In order to decrease obesity rates in Western nations, government regulation of the fast food industry is necessary. Critics believe that fast food regulations will not work. But supporters believe government regulation would place social pressure so individuals can eat healthy food. Due to the rise of obesity rates in recent years, efforts to curb obesity have been futile. By implementing government regulation, fast food companies would be pressured to limit their influence on individuals. Los Angeles considers introducing a two-year moratorium on the construction of new fast food restaurants in the South Central neighborhood. If the moratorium passes, it may be the first health-zoning law in the United States (Wood, Diet-conscious 1). The reason for the introduction of zoning laws comes from the 30% adult obesity rate in South Central Los Angeles (McBride 1). Critics argue that fast food regulations will not cut obesity rates because individuals still have the choice to eat any food they desire (Shepherd 2). Dennis Lombardi says about fast food regulati...

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