Cultures in my life

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Everywhere in the world the people living there have developed their own cultures, but when these cultures collide with one another it can cause problems, which leads to the creation of stereotypes. The use of literary elements show the contradiction of the stereotypes. The point that Gilb is trying to make is that the culture of Mexican-Americans is complex and is growing, and should not be defined by stereotypes. The conflict that Mexican-American culture is the effects of poverty, with the thought that because this is “our” country that prosperity should go to “others” second. The use of character can provide insight into the cultural identity of Mexican-Americans which would help us not to separate them or to other them. The effects of poverty is shown in, my favorite, two Gilb stories; “Romero’s Shirt” and “Love in L.A” Each of the main characters, Romero and Jake, are effected by economic problems out of their control and how this relates to a conflict of the stories, specifically stereotypes. In “Romero’s Shirt” we meet Romero a Mexican-American who has had many different jobs, is currently a handyman and worries about how he will provide for his family. He is a realistic person when it comes to his possessions. He doesn’t have a lot of clothes and doesn’t get attached to things, except for a shirt which is both functional and comfortable. Romero faces the stereotypes of being Mexican-American with the many ways he personifies them, from his tireless work on his car to living on the border of Mexico, and this leads to the conflict of his cultural identity his poverty. Throughout the story he tells the effects of his poverty “doesn’t earn him much, and sometimes it’s barely enough” this tells me of his economic problems. Th... ... middle of paper ... ...ed to Indianapolis that changed, everywhere you look you see someone who isn't like you. When this happens to me I want to go up to them ask them how they are and who they are. I want to know the different kinds of people in this world. The reason I believe that is summed up very well in the quote “you don’t learn from anyone who agrees with you”. This is why the idea of a world where everyone is the same scares me. Where would the progress be, the diversity, the variety? If everyone was the same then the world would be boring and dull. Works Cited Gilb, Dagoberto. "Love in L.A." Meyer, Michael. Literature to Go. 2014. 275-277. Gilb, Dagoberto. "Romero's Shirt." Meyer, Michael. Literature to Go. 2014. 218-223. Gilb, Dagoberto. "Shout." Meyer, Michael. Literature to Go. 2014. 279-282. Gilb, Dagoberto. "Uncle Rock." Meyer, Michael. Literature to Go. 2014. 285-289.
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