Culture and Study Abroad and Some Drawbacks

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Culture and education seem too irrelevant to each other when we compare the definitions, but when it comes down to reality they are co-related. Education system in my country was very different than the education system over here, in the United States. This difference in education system is because each country has its own culture. Adopting such change in perhaps the most important part of one’s life could be very challenging. The challenges I personally faced to adopt, or partially adopt, the systems are the language of the classes, not necessarily the language to communicate, the teaching methods, and the interactions with classmates. Studying, however much it seems similar in all cultures is very much different in its roots and its basics and adopting another method to do such, after getting used to a method for 12 years, is a tough challenge to face. Language is a tricky thing. Every person would have a problem taking a quiz on the fundamentals of his or her native language. Besides the fact that learning the language of the country one is staying in is important just so one co...

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