Culture and Geography of the Republic of the Philippines

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Over thousands of year’s people of various nations have become part of the Philippines and have added to its rich heritage. It is now one of the most highly populated countries in the world. The Republic of the Philippines is a democratic island nation made up of over 7,000 islands with over 80 million people. Geography and climate play a large part in how people live on the island. It is a country with an interesting cultural background. It is a culture influenced by many diverse ethnic groups, who have settled on the island and now call it home.
Most of today’s population in the Philippines is of Malayo-Polynesian decent with a mixture of other ethnicities. About 30,000 BC Stone Age People settled in the Tabon caves on the island of Palawan the country was later joined by the Negritos that came across land bridges from Borneo, Indonesia, and Sumatra and centuries later joined by visitors from Malaya, India, China, and the Middle East (Manning 2014). Chinese and people of other Asian countries traveled to the Philippines for trade. Many of these people chose to stay and live in the Philippines. The Spanish took control, colonized the Philippines in 1565, and with them came new groups of people. When the Spanish opened the Suez Canal in the 1800s, it opened the Philippines to foreign trade. People from other European countries like France, Germany and Britain came to the islands and chose to settle and do business in the Philippines. After Spain lost control of the Philippines to the United States, the Americans set up colonies on the islands. Military troops, religious missionaries and executives from the U.S. settled in the country and brought in new ethnic groups, culture, and language. With more migrations from...

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... They remain a proud group of people with a strong sense of pride in their country.
The Philippines is a culture of multiple ethnicities taking traditions from all and making them its own. It is a culture rich in history, yet continues to evolve as eastern and western countries influence it and their immigrants who choose to call The Philippines home. The Tropical Climate and Geography of the Philippines are an important part of why people continue to flock to the Philippines despite all of the natural disasters. The warm tropical temperatures, beautiful landscape and breath taking scenery make the Philippines one of a kind. It is no wonder that people from so many countries have settled on the islands. The people of the Republic of the Philippines are proud of their heritage and culture. They have a unique history unlike any other country in the world.

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