Culture Of Coaching And Employee Development In The Performance Management Process

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The performance management process is the ongoing culture of coaching, feedback and recognition. The process includes individual and team performance goal setting and expectations, by motivating and planning for personal, team as well as professional growth. As with many aspects of the day to day operations of running a business performance management is an essential part of the complete process.
The first cycle of performance management is the planning process employers or managers meet with the individual or teams to set measurable goals that will strategically align with the goals of the organization. During this process the expectations and goal setting is being monitored continuously. Managers meet with their employees and create
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Although goals are set to ascertain a desired behavior that will align with the organizations goal, will also allow for employee growth and development. The development of employees is vital is sustaining the culture of the organization. Employee development consist of several methods that encourage growth. Coaching or mentoring, formal classroom style training or informal training offered in an online platform, new position assignment or added responsibility is a part of employee development in the performance management process. The key to remember is that while monitoring the progress and seeking remediation of a negative behavior managers must acknowledge the employee for their positive behavior and meeting their set goals. Development in performance management is focusing on the total employee. Feedback is a part of this cycle, manager and employees exchange thoughts, ideas and concern as part of developing the employee. Understanding their obstacle and opportunities and finding a win-win approach that will bring job satisfaction and meeting the set goal of the organization. When employees have job satisfaction, they are highly productive and take ownership of their assigned job
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