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“Fear not for the future, weep not for the past,” is the Cambodian proverb that describes the strength of the country well and is represented in the art produced by Cambodian artists. (Britannica) Cambodia has powered through the communist drama brought by the Khmer Rouge, which set their progressive history off track. The communist ideas expressed by the Khmer Rouge threatened the freedom, progression and happiness of the Cambodian arts. Cambodian music, theatre, visual art, and literature was mainly traditional before the 1950s. There was little outside influence other than the neighboring countries. The nation focused on its traditional icons of the Khmer culture and were influenced by Indian and Thai culture. (Britannica) Visual arts included weaving, jewelry making, and stone sculptures that aimed to hold the Khmer culture close. (britannica) Buildings incorporated stone work to show iconic detail, like that of the Temple of Bayon. (“Reconstructed Turret…”) The building includes many of Cambodia’s religious figures and represents Cambodia’s neighboring influences from India and Thailand. Visual art also expressed the traditional world of theatre and music. Celestial Dancers depicted in stone from the 12th century show women in special headdresses and clothing, dancing. (brit) As music was a major part…show more content…
Many years after the communist Khmer Rouge party ruled, art and literature was still used as propaganda. Even today, little original art is created. Many writers publish outside of Cambodia, mainly in the United States, Canada, and Europe. (brit). The implications made by the Khmer Rouge have clearly scared the people deep. However, music has stood strong. Many of the famous artists known before the short communist period in Cambodia are still known and dearly remembered. (Movie) Music was used as a safe heaven and as a common ground for all of Cambodia it seems. People remember and know their old

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