Culture Difference

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Culture Difference

The first culture difference that many Japanese find in America is their greeting customs. Although the greeting is one of the simplest human communications, both countries have different methods of greeting each other. Three differences include introduction, self-introduction, and departure. In addition, the main reason for the difference is that Americans use verbal greetings and the Japanese use nonverbal greetings.

First, the order of introduction in the U.S. is the reverse of the Japanese way. In America, generally elderly people are introduced first. For example, one of my friends invited me to his house, and he introduced his father first, then his mother, his older brother, and his young sister. After that he introduced me to his family. In contrast, the traditional rule is the opposite in Japan. In other words, young people have to be introduced first in Japan. This rule is the sort of manner in Japan, and the people who do not follow this regulation are considered rude.

The methodology of self-introduction varies between America and Japan. Ameri...