Culture Clash and Dispossession and Indigenous Australians

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CASE STUDY ANALYSIS Introduction: It is amazing to note that humans are a type of species that can smartly organize and form a community. Several of these communities create their cultural norms and beliefs that make their society a place to live. Willis, K. and Elmer, S. (2007, p3), defines society as the identifying pattern of behaviour, meanings and beliefs in order to uncover the links between individual lives and social forces. Accepting this definition as a fact, the analysis of this case study will take into consideration culture clash, the history of indigenous dispossession, and contemporary health issues faced by indigenous people. Subtopics on the models of health and the transcultural theories protruded by the study are covered by this analysis. For a better understanding of what this analysis is all about, culture has been defined by Collins, W. (1990, p187), as an aspect in a particular society that consists of ideas, customs and art that are produced by such a society. The applications of the models of health and the transcultural theories and their rationale have also been covered in this analysis. Culture clash and indigenous dispossession at the time of colonization: To give us a better understanding of the word “indigenous” Collins, W. (1990, p401) defined indigenous as the originality of a country in which it is found, rather than having come from another country. It is hard to talk about culture clash without looking at the historic aspect of indigenous culture and how they were stripped off their rights and dispossessed of their society. (Garner, 1995 p183), cited by the Human Rights and equal opportunity commission, 1997, defined compulsion as the force or coercion that was used to forcefully a... ... middle of paper ... ...ight. An imprint of Schwartz publishing Pty ltd, Level 3, 167 Collins street, Melbourne Victoria. Saggars, S. & Gray, D. (1991) Aboriginal Health and Society; The traditional and contemporary Aboriginal Struggle for better health. Allen & Unwin pty Ltd, 9 Atchison Street, St. Leonards NSW 2065 Australia. Stein – Parbury, J (2006) Patient and Person: Interpersonal skill in Nursing. 3rd ed, Churchill Livingstone- Australia. Thomson, N. and M. Honari (1988) ‘Aboriginal Health: a case study’ In Australia’s Health: The first biennial report of the Australian Institute of Health Canberra: Australian Government Printing service. Wilson, R. (1997) Bringing Them Home: Human Right and Equal Opportunity Commission. Willis, K. and Elmer, S. (2007) Society, Culture and Health: an introduction to sociology for nurses. Oxford University Press

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