Culture And Western Culture

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Before I begin this endeavor of exploring various cultures and their diverse components and differences, particularly that which concerns the culture I most indentify with and that which I wish to explore a bit further, I must first define briefly what culture mean. Culture is the set of ideas, behaviors, attitudes, and traditions that exist within large groups of people. These ideas, behaviors, religious beliefs, or the lack thereof, and governing methodology are transferred from generation to generation and are usually resistant to change as time elapse.
The culture of my interest is the Western varies from another, even if they are geographical neighbors or share in common certain cultural characteristics as aforementioned. For instance, if one were to live in the US and visit Mexico, one may notice that people are much closer physically culture referred to sometimes as Western civilization, Western lifestyle or European civilization. This includes a heritage of social norms, ethical values, traditional customs, belief systems, political systems, and specific artifacts and technologies that have some origin or are associated with Europe. (LiveScience, 2012) The western culture features a world of technologies and rational thinking. It is diverse; people enjoy many freedoms in terms of religion, philosophy, and settlement. (LiveScience, 2012). Western culture is a body of knowledge gotten from reason. This emergence of reason has made possible a broad accumulation of understanding related to reality, including human nature. This understanding is shown in many vital ideologies and values, which includes happiness, individualism, science and technology. (LiveScience,2012)
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...can culture for instance there are several different ethnic groups and the method of communication tends to differ among each. In South Africa, the type of communication behavior can either be direct or an indirect path when communicating and sometimes a blend of the two. For example, if a family member has a problem it is sometimes expected that the problem is addressed to an older aunt or uncle as opposed to directly speaking to the parents. People in the city tend to be more direct than those who live in more rural areas. Most people flee from arguments and disagreements, so they will either ignore your question or give you a non-committed answer. (Culture Crossing- Communication Style)
Secondly, Carol Goman, from explained that, in African cultures, personal bonds and informal agreements are far more binding than any formal contract. (Goman, 2011)

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