Culture And Its Effect On Communication

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a) Culture can affect communication greatly, and changes the way people communicate with each other especially in a multi-cultural environment. The authors of Culture Barriers to Effective Communications, state many important points on how culture can have an effect on communication, (Ting-Toomey & University, n.d.). The four main points that they make are: i) Interpretation: Stella states that different cultures have different ways of seeing, hearing, and interpreting their surroundings. In such a way that even the same words can mean different things. This is an important point that Stella makes as since different languages are used this is what creates the barrier between two people of different cultures, translations increases the potential for misunderstandings. ii) Cognitive Communication: Stella speaks about the thought process of different cultures. How different cultures process information affects communication very drastically. This is important because Stella is implying that when you communicate, you have to have an open mind and perceive things more clearly. You have to make sure that what you say makes sense and doesn’t sound like it would mean something rude or offend someone. iii) Behaviour: The third point that Stella makes is behaviour. She states that each culture has its own rules about proper behaviour which affect communication. For example whether a person looks others in the eye-or not; how closely people stand when talking; etc. All of these differ culture to culture. This is an important point because how someone behaves during a conversation can say a lot about them; this can sometimes help the receiver understand the message clearer. An example of this is the behaviour of the speaker’s body languag... ... middle of paper ... ...owly speaking will ensure that I don’t race through my presentation and finish too fast. My second improvement point is showing interest, by looking interested in what I am presenting the audience will see that I know what I am talking about. If I look uninterested it will make the audience bored, confused, and make the presentation dull. The third thing I can improve relates to the showing interest point, this is body language. When presenting I tend to stand very still and just speak non-stop. By using appropriate body movements, lively facial expressions, and establishing eye contact, it will engage the audience greatly and make the presentation more effective, it will ensure that the audience is not losing focus and that they stay attentive. Doing all these things will improve my presentation drastically and hopefully will guarantee that I get the outcome needed.
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