Culture And Communication: Cultural Barriers To Effective Communication

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a) Culture can affect communication greatly, and changes the way people communicate with each other especially in a multi-cultural environment. The authors of Culture Barriers to Effective Communications, state many important points on how culture can have an effect on communication, (Ting-Toomey & University, n.d.). The four main points that they make are:
i) Interpretation: Stella states that different cultures have different ways of seeing, hearing, and interpreting their surroundings. In such a way that even the same words can mean different things. This is an important point that Stella makes as since different languages are used this is what creates the barrier between two people of different cultures, translations increases the potential
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With my race being Indian, the first impression people will get that I am not from their country, they could even be racist, and therefore not take into consideration what I am saying to them. Even though being raised in New Zealand, I still have certain customs from my parents and their culture. This could affect my communication, for example in their culture, it is fine to sometimes interrupt while they are speaking, not being rude but also giving feedback as they talk. This could be an issue as I may forget because of habit that most places; this is considered rude even if you don’t mean it, this will make my bonds weaker with the person I am talking to. How I talk can affect my communication dramatically, how I talk and pronounce things can make the receiver confused and this might make them not talk to me in the…show more content…
if I don’t like certain things about how someone acts, keep it to myself as to not be rude. By being open minded I will broaden my sense of how I perceive peoples communication with me, this will improve how effectively I communicate with people from different backgrounds.
By respecting people’s customs and ways, I will build a trust with my colleagues. They will know I am not judging them and will most likely communicate with me in the future. By putting my views aside in a work environment, I will be more focused on the work rather than judging people. I will be more open to other people’s views, and will take peoples considerations into thought when communication. This will ensure that my communication is based on what we are working with, not about people’s race, gender, or interests.
Making these changes will improve my communication effectively and make me perform outstandingly with the work mates, and ensure that I am not being rude and only thing about
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