Cultural Values Of The Republic Of Korea

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Every community in the world has its identity and a particular way in which it bases its values. Modes of behavior are what can be used to understand any particular social group. Culture varies from one community to the other; some communities have similar cultural values. It is therefore very important to keep in mind, recognize and respect a community’s culture in any given time in the presence of that particular community to avoid disagreements. The Republic of Korea has a very rich culture, very distinctive from most of the other communities in the world. Its identity is greatly characterized by how it natures its values and how it maintains these values. The values can be based on ethnical background, social stratification, religion, gender roles, political grounds and family interactions. Brazil also has its own cultures and values, some of which have been in practice since the indigenous times, and some infused, as a result, the expansion of the Brazilian community. It has some cultural practices like the recognition of religion, politics, food and secular celebrations. As a constitutional right, the people of Korea have the freedom of worship allowing the practice of different forms of religious beliefs like Christianity, Buddhism, Shamanism, indigenous beliefs and Confucianism. Christianity faced hostile reception as it was introduced in Song 2 the country in the early days. The solution to the plight faced by the Christians in Korea was the recognition of some of the ancient regional beliefs. They held memorial services for the ancestors, as required by Confucianism but did not offer offerings or sacrifices so as not to go against Christian beliefs. Christianity in Korea has... ... middle of paper ... ...isplay of affection. Brazilians do not make a deal in welcoming and helping strangers who come to them (Scully, 10). There might be a misconception between touching and sexual harassment. It is not easy to know if what is termed as friendship or concern is also a sexual overtone. It all depends on how the individuals affected treat such issues. Song 5 Prolonged public display of affection is not a comfortable thing, especially when in the company of young children. Different communities have different ways of living and culture. No culture is superior to the other. All what is expected is to respect other people’s culture provided that it does not go against human rights. It is therefore very important to study and understand the various forms of cultures that a particular community follows before interacting with that particular community.

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