Cultural Values And Values

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There are many differences among cultures in the modern world. Certain cultures hold high regard for specific values and distaste for other values. This difference in values can effect international business positively. Generosity, strong work ethic, and respectfulness are three values that my family has taught me. Each value has also been shaped by the culture in which I live in. Each value has had a strong impact on how I live my life and has shaped my perspectives, abilities, and qualities. Generosity has always been highly valued in my family. Anytime my father sees someone in need, whether it be in need of money or other help, he does his best to help them. I believe that this value has been shaped by the culture in which we live in…show more content…
As a child I was brought up to know to treat everyone with the respect that I wanted them to treat me with. I feel that this value has been lost in recent generations because anytime I see children in public, they don’t seem to be very respectful to adults. I believe that the culture we live in has been affected by high rates of technology and low rates of sociability. I think that this has influenced the lack of respect that is present in our culture. Children spend hours playing on their devices rather than playing with other kids. The lack of socialization has made these children incapable of knowing what is right and wrong in social situations. Respectfulness has shaped my life by giving me the tools to socialize with respect, which has given me the ability to be favored among adults, secure employment, and to gain the respect of peers. The three important values of the Chinese people that are discussed in a TED talk of Valerie Hoeks are warm relationships, harmony, and reputation. Each of these values is shaped by the culture in which they thrive and shapes the perspectives and abilities of those who live in…show more content…
Generosity would keep the U.S. from becoming selfish in business affairs. A strong work ethic would keep the U.S. from being lazy and making business affairs completely the responsibility of China. Respectfulness would keep the U.S. from becoming annoyed with the Chinese value for harmony, where they wait until the right moment to do things. The value of strong relationships would keep China loyal to business affairs with the U.S. The value of harmony would not necessarily contribute to international business affairs but wouldn’t directly harm it either. The value of reputation would keep the Chinese from becoming disinterested in business with the U.S. by their desire to maintain a good

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