Cultural Value Of Love In The Movie 'All That Heaven Allows'

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There is one specific thing that shapes the world and effects every single person that inhabits it, that one thing is love. Many people believe that love is the one most important thing in the entire world and without it the world would be a completely different place. In the movie “All That Heaven Allows” directed by Douglas Sirk, love is the central emotion that connects all of the different plots together. There are many different cultural values that deal with love that are shown and tested throughout the film including, a mothers love for her children, the beliefs that love is blind, that love always prevails in the end and that love is simple. All of these cultural values and beliefs are displayed throughout the film right from the very…show more content…
People always say that if you truly love someone, that you always will and that love will always find a way in the end. The cultural value that love always prevails is tested in this film. In the beginning when talking about their relationship and love Ron says that “No, this is the only thing that matters!” It is shown from early on that Ron believes that this is a love that will last. After their breakup when they see each other for the first time Cary mentions a certain type of tree and Ron lights up, exclaiming “You remember!” As the movie goes on Cary is obviously distraught and lonely as she realizes how much she misses Ron. During the Christmas celebration Cary realizes that she gave up her love and Ron for no reason as the children are moving on with their lives. At this point in time the cultural value that love always prevails is tested. The doctor that Cary sees tells her she needs to marry him and asks her what good was her noble sacrifice? He then tells her, “You were ready for a love affair, not a love.” In a whirlwind of emotions Cary debates rushing to Ron’s to tell him that she loves him, and to prove that once and for all, true love always works out in the end. When Ron is hurt Cary realizes that she loves him more than anything and proves that love does prevail in the end when Cary says the last line in the film, “Yes darling, I’ve come

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