Cultural Revolution Essay

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Stella Yu 9G (history project)

Research Assignment - Research the Cultural Revolution:
i) What was the situation in China at the time it was initiated?
It was a terrible situation for people in China. It’s because of “Great Leap Forward”, which is led by Mao. Also the economy is really bad because they have no food. But some of them got richer and richer specially the scientists, mangers and some of the CCP members. Mao doesn’t like what was happening because it against Mao’s ideas, which is everyone should be equal. Mao doesn’t like all these changes and he was also finding himself losing power after the failure of the Great Leap Forward. ii) Why was it started?
There were actually many reasons but the reason that Mao presented to the public is not the real reason why he started the Cultural Revolution. Some of the stuff he told the public is that there were too many strong people in China. Mao is trying to say that all the experts in China is destroying the economy of China. But actually all the experts in China were helping China after the Great Leap Forward but Mao never admit that. Mao also the revolution is not getting lots of benefits as what they planed/ expected. Mao also told the public that he think it is unfair for the peasant’s children, because the children who live in the cities and the member of CCP got better education. He said this war just making a new middle class that lots of people hated. But that was not the case; Mao actually started the Cultural Revolution because he wants to regain his power because he knows he lost many of his power because of the failure of the Great Leap Forward. He also wanted to destroy Liu and Deng because they are most powerful after the Great Leap Forward. Jiang Qing, his wife i...

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...ation camp rehabilitated etc. Though the politicians were very considered about each other. However, the Chinese had lost their taste of motivation and movement.
Many people die during the Cultural Revolution. And because many teacher were attacked during the Cultural Revolution, the school had closed for about 2 years. Even the CCP didn’t work properly because lots of the member had been attack. During 1966-1968, China fell into Chaos. Factories stopped, everyone started fighting each other. China was a mess.

v) You must include a list of references – at least three different works / sources must be used and referenced.
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