Cultural Revolution Analysis

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Culture can be used effectively in the analyses of the development of the hominids. Culture captures the development of tools that each gene used and hence the advancement in the brain formation. According to the historical findings, with time, there was an improvement of the kind of tools that were used by each hominid. The past groups developed and used poor tools as compared to the advanced groups that followed. The Cultural Revolution between the Homo erectus and the Homo sapiens can be used to illustrate the improvements of tools used, and the cultural advancement.
Homo erectus was the first gene to develop a culture that enabled them to adapt to the new environments. This is because this was the gene that had lived for many years compared to other genes. Their tools were made from wood and stone, and they enabled them to do simple chores that the teeth and hands could not do. These tools were not very sharp and had a very low efficiency. They produced general tools since their shapes were not defined for a particular work. These were called the Oldowan tools; they were simple and poorly made.
The Archaic Homo sapiens developed better tools from iron and copper. They made hand axes and copper tools (Lecture 7, 2014 p 3). This was called the middle Stone Age technology. They made special tools according to activity the tool was meant to accomplish (Bae, 2013). This was an improved technology compared to the Oldowan tools. They also made wooden tools like javelin which were used for hunting and to carry out other activities. These tools enabled them to hunt with ease, skinning animals and cutting meat and other foods stuffs. This gene had migrated in many parts of the world and; therefore, there was a need for better and improv...

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... tools. Therefore, their culture was complex and well organised community systems.
Culture defines the mental capacity of the species that existed in that time. Better tools shows that the species of that time had a higher brain capacity. The development of the tools and formation of nations was an indicator of the likeness of Homo sapiens to the modern man. This, however, was a way of survival in the environments lived by these species. The tools and different cultural practices were a great element in their survival. They used these tools for hunting, digging, and for defence against wild animals. Through the years, the species were evolving, with new species having some advantages and some disadvantages of the characteristics from the earlier specie. Therefore, the different tools in different levels of evolution fitted best in the group that they were developed.

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