Cultural Relativism Essay

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When linking the concept of cultural relativism to architecture, one would realize that both these components depend on each other. One cannot exist without the other (Kohler, 2003). Kohler remarks that in order for architecture to be progressive, The transfer and acceptance of technologies and techniques has to be based on a sound knowledge of regional culture (Kohler, 2003). In other words, the existing architecture or urban environment has to distinguish the features of regional diversity. Cultural exchange must consider the environment. No clash exists between regional and environmental appropriate construction techniques (Kohler, 2003). This is so because traditional architecture has adopted economic and environmental solutions. Conflict can only exist if one considers the ‘international style’ that has popularized the modern era with its high resource consumption. Kohler (2003) also stresses that there should be no regional cultural boundaries in order for architecture to be progressive (Kohler, 2003:86)

The above mentioned theories of phenomenology, Critical regionalism and g...
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