Cultural Importances Of Media And Its Cultural Influences

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Media and Its Cultural Influences Throughout the years of human existence on Earth there have been many advances in technology that have affected how media is sent and received. The first occurred in 3300 B.C. when ancient Egyptians started using hieroglyphics in which to write important information. The next major technology leap was done in 1400 A.D. when Johannes Gutenberg introduced the first printing press for books to be printed. With the introduction of the printing press, information could be spread at a more rapid rate than before. In 1600 the first newspaper was produced and allowed the same information to be accessed by the masses at the same time. A little over 250 years later, Alexander Graham Bell produced the first telephone and revolutionized how people communicate today. During the 20th century a more technologically advanced form of mass media called the television was invented and changed how media was distributed around the world. Within the last 40 years technology has advanced even more rapidly with the introduction of computers. From email to the Internet to now smartphones, humans are able to receive news and communicate with a simple click of a button (Bhattacharyya, 2012). With John Logie Baird inventing the television in 1925 and Philo Farnsworth producing the first television transmission in 1927 (Bhattacharyya, 2012), the two have completely changed history and rewritten it so they will always be remembered. With the two having produced a device that so many people watch and admire it’s difficult to imagine life without the television. Many adults sit at home after a long day of work relaxing while watching a variety of programs on television. Sporting events, news, or entertainment they c... ... middle of paper ... ... the views of those funding it. Depending on which of the stations a person watches will more than likely determine how a person votes and in which way they lean politically (Mass Media, 2011). Without even realizing it, each and every human is affected by media and its advancement. From when Egyptians started using hieroglyphs to the publication of radio and now to our everyday involvement with the television and Internet, the media affects every decision individuals make. With these types of influences in our everyday life it is easy to see why people will waste their money on diets to make them look like celebrities, spend their paychecks trying to dress like them, and watch the same news stations to learn how to vote like them, too. It is disgraceful that so many people are acting this way when we are designed to be our own person and have our own thoughts.
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