Cultural Impact between Native Americans and Europeans

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Europeans emerged from a technologically advanced society, on the other hand, Native American people lacked innovative technology and relied solely on what nature provided. As these two drastically different cultures collided each other’s way of life was forever altered. Life changed from the ground up through the exchange of animals, seeds, and even microorganisms. As these two vastly different cultures collided their interactions sculpted future events that led to one nation’s industrialization and another’s reduction; furthermore, Present day life in America was shaped by this collision. Before the European and Native American worlds collided, Native Americas had not encountered horses, cattle, and swine. These animals were introduced to them through the European explorer, Christopher Columbus. Cattle and pigs were readily employed by the Native Americans as food; however, the arrival of the horse revolutionized Native American life, permitting tribes to hunt the buffalo much more effectively. The horse not only permitted improvements for hunting, but it also made Native American’...

In this essay, the author

  • Explains how the european and native american worlds collided, sculpting future events that led to one nation's industrialization and another’s reduction.
  • Analyzes how the influx of europeans and africans changed the socioeconomic makeup of america. microorganisms that produced diseases such as smallpox and measles drastically reduced the native american population.
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