Cultural Education

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There are many current approaches at understanding cultural and it's dynamics. In each, the researcher is attempting to break down a culture and understand how to combine cultures to work together. Cultural dynamics are much more complicated than this and are often wrapped up in not only the culture itself but also the resources available to that culture. Organizational cultures must become anchored in not only these resources but the deep substance of a culture in order to allow enough change between the cultures to function. There has been much optimism since the "global revolution" as to how well an organization will do when it goes "global." There has also been much risk in the acquisition and merger of organizations from various cultures in an effort to create organizations that are compatible and profitable. The expectation is that these multicultural organizations appeal to more customers, creating an organization that can get ahead of all the rest. The risk is greater than has been thought as the assumption has been that all cultures can learn to get along in a commercial situation, even if they remain different under other circumstances (Cartwright, 2002). However, that has not always shown to be the case. This is beginning to show itself in the high numbers of mergers and acquisitions that have recently occurred and then failed. Takeover bids are common these days and may very well create some of the issues of failure. Cross-border mergers have increased by about nine times of what they were just a few years ago. Many of these takeovers and mergers fail because there is actually a production slow down based of the inability of two or more distinct cultures of people unable to work together. Culture is dynamic, ev... ... middle of paper ... ... of education or work (assos. press). Americans have a strange view of all of this in the fact that they say, "well they can leave at any time so they are not really slaves" and at the same time they remove their papers or separate them from the public in such a way that running is near to impossible. In conclusion, there is a long way to go before the United States can say they are culturally educated. They must first begin to understand that culture is more than how we look or act but is a deeply ingrained set of thoughts and feelings that drive everything we do. There are cultures that are so innately different that they will not ever be able to get along. This writer believes that is so. There is also the issue of slavery in America, called many different things, and until we can realize that that truly is slavery, we may not ever realize what true culture is
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