Cultural Diversity And Inclusion Principles

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The ANA standard “Culturally Congruent Practice, The registered nurse practices in a manner that are congruent with cultural diversity and inclusion principles."(ANA, 20015) The introduction of this standard was to reduced variation in healthcare opportunities and outcomes among people of different social, educational, and economic backgrounds. Per (ANA, 201, P. 31)” for the nurse to promote meaningful outcomes they must embrace that diversity and engage in the culturally congruent practice.” The face of America is changing as more immigrants come into the country. Not only is our patient population changing but also our workforce from nursing to clinical support staff. As the face of America changes our Nursing practice needs to change to meet the needs of our population. These communities bring with them different beliefs of health, medicine, and religious practices. (Jeffreys, 2008)Not paying attention to these difference and providing incongruent nursing care negatively affects patient outcomes and patient safety. Standard and Competencies are set to ensure (ANA, 2015)” competent nursing practice in all settings for all healthcare consumers, and to promote ongoing professional development that enhances the quality of nursing practice.”(P.49) Standards are set to direct, guide, and promote the nursing practice. It’s the how and why of what we do and are measured.(ANA 2015) The standards of practice for culturally congruent nursing care affect our character because once we become self-aware of our cultural beliefs, values, and heritage, we become better equipped to show empathy, respect, and equity when interacting with diverse groups, individuals, or cultures (ANA 2015). In 2004, in New Haven, Connecticut, a large population... ... middle of paper ... ...and and prepare to treat diverse cultural populations. It will affect my nursing practice because it will make me put into practice what I learned about the patients’ beliefs and cultural diversity and how it relates to their health and illness (AACN, 2008). This academic program will give me the ability to integrate cultural sensitivity throughout the assessment, diagnosis, outcomes identification, planning, implementation, and evaluation process. It will also assist me in the analysis of research and data collection and the ability to apply the best evidence to provide best culturally competent care. The curriculum will also teach me leadership skills that will assist me in advocating for diverse and vulnerable populations so, that all can receive culturally congruent care to have the best possible patient experience and the best possible outcome.
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