Cultural Differences In The Little Mermaid And The Little Mermaid

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1. In today’s classroom, children come from various cultural backgrounds and diverse family structures; which makes having access to diverse books a must. The children need to be able to relate to the characters in the book. As a result, having characters that are prominently white, middle class families no longer fit the norm. Authors of various cultural backgrounds are now creating books that show the diversity in today’s society.
Families today come in various forms and children need books that relate to their family structure or to learn about other family structures that may not be like theirs. And Tango Makes Three (Richardson, Parnell, & Cole, 2005) is an excellent book portraying a nontraditional family of penguins where the parents
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Unlike Little Roja Riding Hood, which was published during 2014, The Little Mermaid has details that would be considered morbid it today’s books (Elya, 2014). In the story of the Little Mermaid, the little sea princess finally got to go to the surface of the water when she turned fifteen. While on the surface of the water, a storm tore apart a ship carrying a prince. The little sea princess saved his life and fell in love with the prince. After a while, she decided to risk her life to try to get the prince to fall in love with her; if she could get the prince to fall in love with her she would become human and gain an eternal soul. Reading today’s fairy tales, you would expect the prince to fall in love with her and they would live happily ever after; however, during this period stories didn’t end this way. The prince found a bride and on the day of the marriage, the little sea princess had an option to kill the prince and become a mermaid again or to die (Andersen,…show more content…
As she grew older, she decided to go to Africa to live in the forest to observe chimpanzees, they came to accept her and let her get to know them. When forests were getting cut down and chimpanzees were being murdered and sold, Jane had to go back to the cities to spread the information she had learned about chimpanzees to save them and their homes. An activity that can be used in the classroom to aid in the understanding of this text would be an experiment, preferably a quick reacting one, a student can observe. Teaching students how to observe and take note, whether mental or written, can help the students understand what Jane Goodall was doing during her time in the forests. Observations will be used many times throughout the student’s life. They will be able to use this skill during science classes when doing other

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