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Hibah Darwish Professor Melissa Alling English 1101 Julu.31, 2017 Do we ever ask ourselves why do definitions matter? The definition is very important because definitions help us clarify and explain ideas. Therefore, they can, therefore, help us reveal philosophical truths about the nature of not only language but our own concepts and thoughts. A definition is a “statement of the meaning of a term (a word, phrase, or another set of symbols)” (“Definition - Wikipedia." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, Wikimedia Foundation, Inc, Accessed 31 July 2017. ).However, a definition isn’t just a meaning for one word, and it’s for more than one word. “It may be true that defining key terms and concepts is important…show more content…
Before I moved to America, I looked at culture as one thing, because everyone knows that when we move to a new place, we know we are going to face some problems in the beginning. It wasn’t until I moved to America that I noticed not everyone followed my culture. The first day in America my husband and I arrived at our apartment and when we opened the door, we found his friend. This was very foreign to me because, in my culture, your friend does not have access to your house when you not in the home. Then my husband introduced to his friend and he shocks my hand and I was surprised in the moment because this is something majorly important that we don’t do in my culture. I thought moving to a new culture would be something easy but for me, it was a difficult experience and I felt homesick. One day I was in my home sleeping and my husband was at work and I heard someone knocking the door. I didn’t answer the door because in our culture when you at your home alone, you not supposed to open the door. Suddenly, the door opened and I saw so afraid I called my husband on the phone and he didn’t answer I became very worried and I called my mother –in- law, and she told me to calm down and see who opened the door. When I went to see who was at the door, I found the apartment man who wanted to fix washer
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