Cultural Conformity Essay

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Cultural conformity, specifically in religious customs is a influential facilitator within social perception. Israeli-Palestinian conflict are deep-rooted with social perceptions of their rival, and only through reconciliation and reducing the opposing views between the two groups will reconciliation ever occur. The divergent principles create a bias religion supporting and maintaining traditionally held typecasts of each other. Religion is the central theme within the conflict, while that same conflict could serve as a basis of bridge building between the differences. Creating peace often alters perceptions promoting social interactions with emphasis on common ground (Byrne, 1961). Cultural Conformity Conformity is one form of a social influence that changes the attitude or behavior of an individual, adhering to that of a group or social norm (Shiraev &Levy, 2010). Social psychology explains conformity as a need to provide accommodations for the majority or group, uphold the consensus, lessen negativity, and live up to specific expectations of other individuals while maintaining a encouraging relationship (Shiraev &Levy, 2010). Rational actor theory suggests that conformity is a rational choice allowing individuals to choose other alternatives after considering the benefits of a choice and the negative consequences that will result because of that choice. In regards to the conflict between Palestine and Israel, each group behave according to each of the groups own religious doctrine. Islamic and Judaism cultures consist of religious views and attitudes that are complex in nature even more so than other religions. Both cultures consist of following rules with high expectations of religion and religious norms. Because of this c... ... middle of paper ... ..., have been documented falsely regarding the students and other members of the group. Perception in the social eye, has changed, and even with the extraordinary changes which are challenging, mediate many of the long-standing dislike, working alongside of social perception accomplishing the emphasis and acceptance of the similarities within the religious views. Both cultures act within the guidelines of social conforms, specifically through the expression of predictability of the economic, religious, and social considerations. Israel has conflicted with other groups leading the strengthening of those of basic gender roles. The solution to the problem with the two groups and cultures are too complicated to get through just in a paper, the middle eastern conflicts are very complicated and need to be addressed here, through increased bilingual education for children.
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