Cultural Approach To Organizations, By Clifford Geertz And Michael Pacanowsky

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Cultural approach to organization is a theory that was written by Clifford Geertz and Michael Pacanowsky. The theory looks into how organizations and business have their own corporate culture with in its environment. Culture is a set of meanings that are shared and understood among the employees. The theory explores what exactly cultural is in a corporate context and how it effects the environment, and once culture is established can it be changed. Theories are a set of systematic hunches, which mean they have multiple parts that play a role in the overall idea of what exactly a theory is. I will look at how cultural approach to organization is displayed within the media. Geertz wrote that “man is an animal suspended in webs of significations that he himself has spun”, I believe that Geertz is saying that humans give themselves a set of…show more content…
Cultural approach to organization focuses on three types of stories: Corporate, personal and collegial. Corporate stories are ones that focus in management and reinforcing company policy. While personal stories are those of the employees and are usually how they want to be viewed within the company. Last are collegial stories, these stories are positive and negative ones that are told about others within the environment. The next hunch of the theory are rituals. The idea of rituals is agreed upon by both Geertz and Pacanowsky, they are text that reveal multiple aspects of cultural life. Geertz goes on to discuss Balinese, and how they are connected to cockfighting. He interpreted them as: “It is a Balinese reading of Balinese experience, a story they tell themselves about themselves”. The hunches or ideas of cultural approach to organization are, what is and what isn’t culture, thick descriptions, metaphors, symbolic stories and rituals. These are all the aspects of the theory, but can there be change within it and is this theory actually

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