Cultivating Your Emotional Intelligence

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This paper is based off my response to a fictional scenario. In this scenario, I am a struggling writer who has placed third in a writing contest held by the university I attend, and my fellow classmate in this scenario won the grand prize (Module 3 Lecture Pages, n.d.). However, I believe my classmate won the contest because he plagiarized one of my previously published stories, and now I have to face him at the awards ceremony (Module 3 Lecture Pages, n.d.).

How I react to this fictional scenario, is based on the varying levels of emotional intelligence, and whether or not my level of emotional intelligence played a role in my reaction (Module 3 Lecture Pages, n.d.). In addition, this paper will discuss the different levels of emotional intelligence by analyzing the four components (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management); as well as how an individual can increase his/ her level of emotional intelligence (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2009).

My response to the scenario

If I found out that a fellow classmate stole my idea from a previous story that I published, and won the grand prize with that story, I would be completely distraught, as would most people in that situation. Personally, I like to let my emotions settle, and in this case I would have the night to think about it before the awards ceremony the following day; this way I will not make a rash decision that I may regret.

The following morning I would contact the committee in charge of the writing contest at the University, and inform them of the situation by showing them my story that I had previously published. I would express my concerns to the committee, and inform them that this issue was not brought up because I want to...

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...ou can better handle all situations in an intellectually mature way (Kinicki & Kreitner).

Moreover, acquiring a high level of emotional intelligence, not only helps improve your ability to cope with certain events and problematic situations, but it also will help you on a day to day basis (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2009). I believe that we all can and need to continue to develop a higher level of emotional intelligence, so that we can become better leaders and individuals; enabling us to take control of our emotions, and make wiser decisions each and every day.

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Perspective On Organizational Behavior

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how their reaction to a fictional scenario is based on the varying levels of emotional intelligence.
  • Explains that they would be distraught if a fellow classmate stole their idea and won the grand prize with that story. they would contact the committee in charge of the writing contest, and congratulate him on winning the contest.
  • Opines that the emotional intelligence level of an individual plays a significant role in how he/she will react to any given situation.
  • Explains that self-awareness involves knowing your strengths and weaknesses, as well as knowing how to best utilize them to make decisions and accomplish things for any given situation. self-management involves adapting to different situations and establishing inner levels of excellence.
  • Opines that a higher level of emotional intelligence is necessary to become better leaders and individuals, enabling them to take control of their emotions and make wiser decisions.
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