Cultivated Land And Fertility (HHLS): Size Of Cultivated Land And Regility?

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6. Size of cultivated land and fertility (HHLS): availability of land resource is necessary for crop production. The household with fertile and large land size are more advantageous in producing more production. Household who have enough plots of cultivated land can intensify and diversify crops which increase their production. Land accesses positively affect the probability generating higher income and escaped out of poverty. The variable is continuous measured in hector and positive sign is expected on impact of households’ incomes and escaped out of poverty. Hussain et al. (2005), approved the large size land holding can lift up farmers from poverty because they can generate more income from the land.
7. Livestock holding (LIVESTOCK): in
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Access to credit (CREDIT): credit service especially from formal institutions has many advantages in the life of borrowers. They are given training how they create jobs or entrepreneurship; they are encouraged to save some amount of earning on regular basis which used in some occasion by withdrawing it. Many from credit service institution can buy inputs for agricultural activities and other activities to be fruitful in production ( Jemaneh, 2014). The variable is dummy,1 for having an access to credit service and 0 for otherwise. The existence of credit contributes much to reduce poverty. Therefore positive sign is expected to reduce poverty.
10. Access to extension service (EXTENS): extension service provides households with knowledge, skills and new technologies (Davis, et .al 2009). It sharpens the knowhow of household regarding implementation of farm activities and family healthy as well as other activities. It also provides market and other up to date information to household. It has expectation to increase household productivity. Strong extension service delivery has positive effect on households’ income and poverty reduction. The variable takes dummy for those
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Household head job experience (HHHJEXP): Household head job experience has a great contribution toward household income improvement and poverty reduction as the whole. Therefore, household with many years of job experience are better in productivity and income generation as well as poverty reduction (INONI, 2009). It affects income and poverty reduction positively. The model takes dummy 1 for those who have an experienceand0otherwise.
12. Road access (ROACC): If there is better Road access transportation cost is reduced and cost of production is low agricultural production (household can get input at low cost) and Surplus product have to get enough market access. Household who have road access are better in income generation from agriculture and nonfarm income than those who have not road access. In general if there is better road access socio economic problem is solved that leads to economic growth and reduce poverty (Semen, 2014). Therefore, road access is positively affecting poverty reduction. The variable is also dummy take 1 for having an access to road access and otherwise
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