Cuba's Leader, The Leader Of Cuba

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The leader of Cuba is Raul Castro, he has been the leader of Cuba since 2008. He was also the leader of the army forces, before he became the president. He has done so money great things to help the country to become better. They chose him after Fidel Castro resigned and the people of Cuba thought Raul would be the next best president. Fidel Castro was the president before him he served for a great while. The country has several different names for their currency; Cuban peso, Cuban convertible peso. In 1899 a treaty made Cuba an independent republic under U.S. protection. (“Double Trouble).

Government Cuba is a one party communist state. It has been governed under the constitution since 1976. Their government is usually independent, they would rather do things on their on then someone helping them. What is a communist state you asks? It is when the state plans and controls the economy and a single. Cuba is the only legal political party, which means they are legal in the state. (“Cuba Government).

Clothing In Cuba they wear different things, not like anything that we would wear. First lets start off with
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Its usually very tropical, sometimes moderated by the trade winds. Between May and October is the rainy season, it usually stops sometimes, but there is no telling what you will get. Now the dry season happens between November and April. This is the season in which the strong hurricanes hit the country really bad. Its subtropical, which means the temperature can change from time to time. The temperature of 26 degrees Celsius is throught the whole year. The average summer shade temperature can rise to 20 degrees, which is 2x higher than usual. (“Climate and weather of

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