Cuban Missile Crisis: Turning Point In American History

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Cuban Missile Crisis Background The Cuban missile crisis was a major turning point in American history. It sparked conflict between two of the most powerful countries and almost led to possibly the most horrific war ever. This point in American history also caused long lasting tension between the United States and Cuba and posed as the most terrifying 13 days in United States history. The Cuban missile crisis can be argued to be one of the most dangerous events in the history of the United States. The United States was on the verge of nuclear warfare with Cuba and the Soviet Union. A United States’ spy plane discovered missile silos being constructed in Cuba. This raised suspicion for the president at the time, John F. Kennedy, and the rest…show more content…
Soon after this incident, the famous "hotline" was installed between the United States and the Soviet Union to help resolve future conflicts. The hotline is used for direct communication between the United States and the United Nations. This was a very important installment because it made it made it easier for the United States and the Soviet Union to stay in contact and to make sure that everything stays under control so that there is no potential war that breaks out. Impact The Cuban missile crisis left many impacts on not only the countries involved in it, the entire world. It sent waves of fear, anxiety, and paranoia across the world. Countries began to panic as they sat by watching the United States and Cuba on the verge of all out nuclear warfare, they began the search for a way to protect themselves in case they got brought into the battle or in case a rival country also decides to start war. After the Cuban missile crisis ended the arms race for nuclear weaponry was at its peak. Countries from around the world began the race to build and discover nuclear weaponry. The nuclear arms race mainly consisted of France, Russia, Great Britain, Germany, and the United States ( All these countries raced to be the first to build these great nuclear bombs in fear that if the others finished creating them first that they will
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