Cuban Missile Crisis

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Cuban Missile Crisis
In October of 1962 the United States became aware that there was a Soviet Union missile base was under construction in Cuba. The United States did not want to have a war that was not necessary so they tried to resolve the issue. Everyone was mainly concerned about how close Cuba was to Florida, only 90 miles, and how easily they could be attacked. The Cuban Missile Crisis almost created an atomic war between the United States and the U.S.S.R.
In 1959 Fidel Castro came into power in Cuba. This scared the United States because Cuba is right next to Florida. In 1960 Cuba made a trade agreement with Russia, which scared the United States a lot more because they stopped trading with them. In 1961 the CIA helped an anti-Castro exiles to invade Cuba. It didn't work as planned and looked terrible on President Kennedy part as president. This scared Castro so he asked Russia for weapons of defense against America.
When Fidel Castro came into power he overthrew the Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista. This caused the United states distrust and fear of Cuba and the Soviets getting closer than normal. Before Kennedy's inauguration he was briefed on the plan by the CIA to train exiles for invasion of their homeland. The plan didn’t go well and was thrown in kennedys face, this was plenty embarrassing. In order to free prisoners that were captured in Cuba over mistakes done by the United States, the U.S. had to give 53 million in baby food and medicine to get the prisoners back.
According to a document between Cuba and the Soviet Union about the secret exchange of special materials they spent 18,000,000.00 on explosives and other dangerous weapons,(Gobierno, 1961). The Cubans were prepared to attack against anyone at...

... middle of paper ... blame by their actions.

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