Cuban Missile Crisis

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The beginning of Cuban missile crisis-a conflict between two huge atomic nations, the U.S and the U.S.S.R. was a formal presentation made by the CIA to President Kennedy. Experts pointed to the missile base being constructed near San Cristobel, Cuba. No one expected that the Russians would build a base in Cuba for Ballistic Missiles after confirming that the Russians would sign an atmospheric test-ban treaty. This may have been justified by the fact that U.S had a similar base in Turkey near the border with the Soviet Union. However, the biggest puzzle was that Khrushchev assured that there were no military installations in Cuba and that the relationship between the two superpowers would not conflict. The best decision about Kennedy was when he warned that U.S would not tolerate any kind of interference in Latin America by the Soviet Union. More importantly, the president called the Executive Committee of the National Security Council (EXCOMM), a group which met continuously for next twelve days and almost daily for some six weeks thereafter and wanted an air strike on the missile sites.

“The President…knew he would have to act.”

Kennedy instructed the members to come forward with recommendations for one course or possibly several alternative course of action and various alternatives like quarantine, blockade, and air strike against the missile bases alone were suggested. While the argument went on about the possible sanction the missiles were already in Cuba and they realized that a blockade would not solve the problem. Moreover, if U.S demanded the removal of missile from Cuba the soviets would demand the removal of missile around Europe near the Soviet Union. This was a time when Kennedy really showed what he was made of and never wanted to take rash decision that may have tempered the world into nuclear devastation. Meanwhile the missiles were directed at certain American cities and if fired, it would kill almost eighty million Americans. However, Kennedy was skeptical on possible alternatives because he feared that Soviets would do harm on West Berlin and this made Kennedy think twice. Kennedy needed time and he rightly made a point to think about all the alternatives before deciding on the course of action. While all this was happening, Cuba was relatively suppressed by U.S in diplomatic issues and were happy that the Soviets were on their sides. This prompted many members to approach Cuba in easy terms and rightly so because Cuba was a nation embroiled in political tension.
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