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In the past fifty years we have witnessed the end of the cold war, the end of communism in a vast majority of nations as well as the rise of the United States to being the sole world power. But while the world has greatly changed over the past half-a-century, there has been little change in the Cuban-American relationship. Since the rise of Fidel Castro to power in the early nineteen fifties, the United States has all but cut off all relations with the Cuban government. It has now been thirty-nine years since the United States first imposed its various sanctions on the Cuban government and even though Cuba has faced great hardship and misfortune in recent years due to these sanctions, the United States to this day is still refusing to “talk” with Castro and the Cuban nation to work on a reduction of the embargo and to try and befriend a nation that is ninety miles off of the cost of Florida. This paper will discuss the view of most Cubans and even some people of the United States that the time has finally come to lift the various sanctions off of Cuba and start trading with this highly resourceful and educated society.

In order to fully understand the reasons that the United States severed all ties with Cuba one must look back into the history of how the Cuban nation was formed and the situations that led to Cuba’s so-called independence. The beginning of the end of the Cuban-American relation dates back to 1898. In April of this year, a U.S. ship, the USS Maine exploded in Havana Harbor. This explosion was the factor that led the United States to declare war on Spain. Previous to this date, Spain had ruled Cuba but after the U.S. easily defeated the Spanish army, Cuba was to be made an independent nation, o...

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...for some American culture into to Cuba and with that democratic views would surely follow. The second option for the United States is to do what we have been doing for the past decade. That should we sit back and wait for Castro to die and hopefully with him would go all of the “horrible” communistic views that he instills over the people of Cuba.

I feel that the longer that the U.S. waits to lift this embargo, the longer that Castro will be considered the great ruler that he is. It is almost like the saying goes; better not count your eggs before they hatch. The longer we wait the more the possibility that another leader will gain the respect and honor that Castro has and then what are we to do? Wait another 4/10 of a century before we can have a good economic and social relationship with a small country island that is ninety miles off the cost of Florida?
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