Crystal L. Burnette's Article: Should Obesity Be A Disease

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Considering Obesity a Disease
The message towards obesity is beginning to change the way many view the issue. In the article “Should Obesity Be a ‘Disease’?,” by Crystal L. Hoyt and Jeni L. Burnette, information is gathered through various studies to gain results towards obesity being a disease and the different outcomes. The main question throughout the article was regarding obesity being a disease. By showing the different opinions people make towards this question helps to gather more relevant information needed to solve the issue. Obesity should be considered a disease, since it’s the best way of increasing research, medical help and ultimately treatments.
Studies help find different opinions that people have toward the issue and ways
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The studies provided some goals towards helping with the health problems of obesity. Furthermore, if not taken care of obesity increases various health issues. Patrice Harris, a member of the American Medical Association, points out, “Recognizing obesity as a disease will help change the way the medical community tackles this complex issue.” Harris’s opinion gives a better understanding of how the message of obesity could benefit the health issues. By adding his opinion on Burnette and Hoyt 's article it gives more information towards the positive side of the obesity question. “Calling obesity a disease provides a clear warning of the significant health risks associated with excessive weight” (Hoyt, Burnette). By stating this Hoyt and Burnette know how to catch attention and involvement. Moreover, those obese should be able to take care of any health problems they may have with the help of a professional. Without taking care of the serious issues that obesity could come with there could be even more serious complications. That 's why obese should be able to seek medical…show more content…
According to Hoyt and Burnette, they point out from their research, “Calling obesity a disease may make people feel better about their bodies, but it also may contribute to the maintenance, rather than reduction, of obesity.” Recognizing the obese condition as a disease may change the way a person looks at themselves because embarrassment can start to be ignored. Obesity as a disease helps people be more comfortable in themselves and not having to be worried. Many who do seek medical help would treat any health issues early without having to go through stressful complications if not treated sooner. If there is medical aid there could be an obesity treatment and prevention also. Since the articles studies did not really find answer to the message that was being sent, Hoyt and Burnette still added towards the end very effectively that they would have a public message, “Leading to a decrease in self-blame and stigma while at the same time promoting adaptive self-regulation and weight loss.” The message of calling obesity a disease should not be focused on only losing weight but also the way a person wants to be treated. By stating their message, they do a really nice job of ending the article with something that could really advise obese

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