Cryptography In Dot Net Framework

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Cryptography in Dot net Framework

- Bhargava Ram Koti

COURSE : INF 521 (Applications of Cryptography and Cryptanalysis)


This project aims to achieve the simple cryptographic functionality through Microsoft Dot NET Framework.


To achieve the functionality of cryptography in any programming language is a tedious task. It can now achieved easily through microsoft dot net framework.Earlier you have design the algorithm ,set the key and use the existing library to implement the process. The library covers various symmetric,unsymmetric and hash functions. A set of cryptographic tools is important in software industry. Cryptography ensures confidentiality of data being exchanged, but it also prevents attacks that a hacker could plan once the person knows internal architecture of the system.The cryptography allows secure communication of information between two entities.

Cryptography can have complex API when implemented.Now a days we see encryption everywhere in each application for security of data. The security can be measured by the service they provide.In the .NET Framework, cryptographic services are smooth for functionality. Whether it is , XML readers or ADO.NET data relations.It is very easy in developing just as windows and web applications.


Cryptography is the science of hiding information.It converts the meaningful information into some random value and then back to meaningful information. The science of cryptography has been present for past hundreds of years, even long before the invention of computers. Cryptography, over the ages, has been an art practiced by many who have d...

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... return UTF8Encoding.UTF8.GetString(resultinArray);

// returns the value in required format

How this code Works

We have used Triple DES algorithm with ECB mode where key value is given internally in code which is taken from configuration file.We perform simple encryption and decryption through dot net frame work. The basis is using the System.Security.Cryptography library.


This code works perfect .However for better understanding of functionality we should limit the input size below 30 characters for readability.


Each and every line of code functionality is explained for clear understanding.When the code run is run in Visual Studio 2013 software, the intended functionality is achieved.This can be used as base and similar functionality can be achieved through your requirement of algorithm or task.
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