Cry the beloved Country

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In South Africa there have been many injustices in the past years but the real tragedy is that people realize that these problems are there but has not tried to eliminate them. In Cry, the Beloved Country by Alan Paton the tribe has been broken through the actions of mass amounts of people but when it comes to making the future better only a few individuals step up to the plate. In all parts of South Africa people carry out there daily lives without faith, custom, or purpose. When Kumalo says “Cry the beloved country these things are not yet to an end” (105) he expresses his cry for the broken tribe, the law, and the traditions that are gone. The tribe has been ripped apart for so long that you need to weep, weep for the men that has dies and for how the women and children behave. At the beginning of the novel Stephen had received a letter urging him to come to Johannesburg because his sister, Gertude was sick. Gertude had previously left Ndotsheni to find a husband but ended up becoming consumed by the lifestyle of Johannesburg. When arriving to Johannesburg, Stephen realized that Gertude wasn’t physically sick but morally corrupt. She sells liquor, lives with prostitutes, and has a child with no husband. Kumalo tries to help Gertude by letting her come back to Ndotsheni to live with him and his wife, even going as far as buying new clothes for her and her son representing a new start. While living with Mrs. Lithebe, Gertude confides in her by voicing her doubts and says that she’s a weak woman. Even with all the help Gertude slips back into her old ways leaving in the middle of the night but her son and “The red dress and the white turban was still there”(205). As the tribe continues to stay broken, crime and racial tension ... ... middle of paper ... ... come back with James to Ndotsheni and gets Zulu lessons from Kumalo. In Africa there is a language barrier in which the whites can’t read Zulu and with the boys interest in Zulu shows hope for the future tribe. After a few lessons the boy tells Kumalo that he would be leaving in which he tells the boy “Something bright will go out of Ndotsheni” (283). The boy’s willingness to educate himself shows the hope for a better future. Cry, the Beloved Country shows the broken down trotted tribe that rises to come together. During the transition, the weak mind would be left and not make it to the finish line such as Gertude and Absalom but others would. Men were afraid of each other, of salvation, but when the brains, the voice, and the heart come together in South Africa then the tribe can be mended. The book ends with a sunrise representing a new start to a new attitude.

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