Cruelty In Araby By James Joyce

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Life?s Cruelty in James Joyce?s ?Araby? While reading James Joyce?s ?Araby? you can see very vivid settings, characters and you can also find a lot of symbols with different meanings. In ?Araby? Joyce uses Ireland during the early 20th century as the setting of the story during a time that Ireland was a very dark and depressing place. Through Joyce?s use of symbols, unique characters and settings he captures how life can be dark and cruel at times. Joyce is able to describe the setting in this story due to the fact that he grew up in Ireland on North Richmond Street where a majority of the story takes place in. In the beginning of the story the main character finds himself in love with a girl that he has only looked …show more content…

the setting plays a huge role in portraying the mood of the story and shows the mood of Ireland and the boy. James Joyce has such vivid descriptions when making the setting of the story due to the fact that he grew up in Ireland on North Richmond Street where the majority of the story takes place. North Richmond Street, which Joyce describes by writing that ?North Richmond Street, being blind, was a quiet street except at the hour when the Christian Brothers? School set the boys free.?3 The layout that Joyce describes ?? consists of a row of houses on either side, forming a rectangle, so that the vacant house at the end ?? detached from its neighbors in a square ground,? serves as the removed portion of a gnomonic parallelogram whose flawed remainder will be the setting of the story.?4 In the story Joyce describes the street as ?brown? which can be seen as the color of decay.5 In the boy?s house he finds a room in which the previous tenant, a priest, left many yellowing books that the boy would read in his spare time. The fact that he describes the books as yellowing can be as another color for decay. Another big part of the setting in ?Araby? was the bazaar. The bazaar was seen by the boy as the final destination to finally winning over the girl of his dreams but when he arrives there it is not what he imagined. When the boy arrives at the bazaar it is dark and nearly all the shops are closed which causes him to realize that life does not always work out. The boy …show more content…

From his dreams he is able to go to a place where he is happy and can leave the outside world where he sees as sad.21 The reason that the boy thinks about her all the time is due to him not having anything else in his life to make him happy. However, because it is the only thing that makes him happy he does it so much that over time that it morphs who she really is. In the end the girl is so far from who she really is that she can be seen as more fiction than fact.22 When the boy finally realizes what he had done at the bazaar he is hit with cold hard reality and is angered that he did this to

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  • Analyzes how joyce's vivid descriptions of north richmond street in 'araby' portray the mood of ireland and the boy.
  • Analyzes how joyce's symbolism in 'araby' enlarges the relevance and appeal of the boy’s private adventure for the attentive reader.
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