Crossing the 38th Parallel

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After defending against North Korea, the decision that must be made now is whether or not to move on to the offensive and push past the original border at the 38th parallel. On June 25, 1950 the North Korean army crossed the 38th parallel, and United Nation forces were sent to help repel the attack. American forces got pushed back to the southeast corner on the country, not faring as well as expected. A bold move by General MacArthur turned the war around, the General made the decision to attack from the seafront at Inchon close to the 38th parallel and original border. From here the American army was able to cut off supplies being sent to the North Koreans and eventually pushed them all back to the 38th parallel. The problem the United States, and the decision Truman must make as President, is the choice to cross the border and attempt to take North Korea. In advising President Truman in this decision, uniting Korea under a strong democracy, and proving U.N. authority and strength, are results that only have the minimal risk of Soviet or Chinese intervention, are factors that tip the scale toward the choice to cross the border. Before World War II Korea was once a unified, independent country, and now by crossing the 38th parallel, the establishment of a unified, independent, democratic government of Korea would be reachable once more. Not only would this decision spread democracy, it would create stability and peace. “Recommendations of the Security Council of 27 June 1950...that Members of the United Nations furnish such assistance to the Republic of Korea as may be necessary to repel the armed attack and restore international peace and security in the area” (United Nations General Assembly, Oct. 1950) This resolution made by... ... middle of paper ... ...n the world. In regard to the low risk of Soviet and Chinese intervention, it should also be known that due to the desire to not start another World War, and the lack of indications of actual intervention from China, these risks are worth it. If America was to proceed in such a way as to never take risks, than America will never move forward. This war isn’t just about a small peninsula, it is about fighting for Democracy which has been fought for so hard in the past, and is said that it still will be. President Truman, it is now time to actually start fighting against communism. It is advised that crossing the 38th parallel is the best course of action, unifying and stabilizing the Republic of Korea under Democracy, and proving the United Nations as a powerful part of the world, are great assets that are worth the small liability of Soviet and Chinese involvement.

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