Cross Cultural Integration: International Students and Higher Educational Institutions

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This article brings to light need for guidance that international students must obtain in order to conform to the mission statements of higher educational institutions cross-cultural Integration through suitable learning environments and aiding student to succeed in obtaining a higher education is a fundamental requirement of every educational institution,(Delbanco, 2012) but the quality of American higher education since the growth of student campuses is questionable. Using academic journal articles from the Journal of College Student Development, The Journal of Higher Education, and texts from Andrew Delbanco’s College: What it was, and what is should be, I will determine why there needs to be more meaningful guidance for students transferring into a new college atmosphere.

During the 20th century, national reports began to raise the case of providing non-individual and passive environments on campuses, which could not help students in learning (Kezar & Kinzie, 2006). Furthermore, the colleges failed to assist in the social or academic collaboration of international students, or promote a mixture among international students and American students. Lacking an appropriate setting that motivates learning and development, the future of both students as individuals and the academic community is uncertain. Therefore, a collective relationship between professors and students along with promoting integration among students from unique backgrounds is necessary in managing a solid foundation in which students can receive a higher education and engage in personal development.

Colleges and universities should create goals to promote both higher intellectual and personal improvement among the students because one-sided development doe...

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