Cross Cultural Communication

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Cross-cultural commination important in today’s society because it’s what builds the company, technology and globally. Cross-cultural communication is the comparison of two or more cultural communities (Dainton & Zelley, 2015, p. 97). It’s an understanding how other people communicate around them from another country. It knowing the difference between business customs, beliefs, language difference, and nonverbal differences. By not understanding differences, communication can be difficult or create a barrier while conducting business. Managers can have seminars to develop their employees on how to act, know the culture that they will work with across the world.
Effective communication
With the workplace being so diverse, personnel
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Having a strong diverse team with open communication and exploiting their strengths in knowledge and vision will ensure that any problem that comes their way will not be an issue. When eliciting ideas from team members, managers or other members need to understand participation norms, communication patterns, and enough time to express their thoughts. People from “individualistic countries may be accustomed to voicing their unfiltered opinions and ideas while people from other cultures may hesitate to contribute” (Toegel & Barsoux, 2016). Team members need to ensure they respect other cultures because some may have an issue talking over others or changing topics quickly. Some cultures need time to brainstorm, think about how they need to say it and wait for the right time to ensure that they are not interrupted (Toegel & Barsoux,…show more content…
To understand this better, managers should examine the communication accommodation theory. When an individual starts working at a new company they may dabble between being art of the in-group or out-group because everyone has some similarities or differences and these will come out through conversations with individuals. In-groups are when an individual feels like they belong as a member and when they do not feel like they belong they are part of the out-groups (Dainton & Zelley, 2015, p. 102). When an individual wants to act or sound like the individual that they are speaking to, they will use the accommodation through convergence. The meaning of this is using the same tone, pitch, non-verbal or vocal patterns like the person they are talking to. It’s like looking in the mirror or hearing yourself on a video. As for the other side, accommodating through divergence when an individual uses their own techniques to not sound like the individual that they are talking to (Dainton & Zelley, 2015). Personnel may use this when they want to point out their difference. This theory exploits on how people communicate with other and have similarities and differences are important and when people understand this will aid in individuals to communicate
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