Critiques of Joseph Conrad´s Heart of Darkness

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Often a person whom is discussing different from popular belief, they will put in more detail. Although not always, this can often make up for the non-popular belief they are stating. When evaluating two opposing articles by Achebe and Canon I had a hard time not being convinced by the more detailed article by Achebe. Achebe wrote on the racism in The Heart of Darkness, while Trilling wrote on imperialism The Heart of Darkness, because of the amount of detail and passion of the topic I had a tendency to agree with his argument more. Trilling sees the story not as political critique of imperialism, but rather the critique of the whole European Civilization .He basically says that Conrad and Marlow remove any negative connotation from their imperialist views, or views that they should take over other cultures by military and force. He makes it that English imperialism isn’t necessarily wrong, like Belgian imperialism is, and that English imperialism is proof that “good” imperialism does exist. Trilling interprets Heart of Darkness for its theme and message instead of looking too deepl...
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