Critique of Hardy's Dissertation

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This paper reviews Hardy’s (2008) dissertation on perceptions of school counselors and school administrators with the respect to the roles of school counselors as they implement the New York Comprehensive School Counseling Model. This critique will examine the problem and purpose of the study, literature review, methodology and conclude with discussion and summary. The Problem (Hardy’s, 2008) study focused on two problems. The first concern focused on “the ambiguous role definition of actual practice for school counselors since New York State school counselors responsibilities are defined by local school district administration instead of the components of the New York State Model. In addition, a second problem is the understanding by school personnel of the school district’s conditions and their readiness towards the implementation of the New York State Mode” (p.2-3). The Purpose The purpose of the study was to “examine actual and preferred school counselor practice as well as perceptions of school counselors and administrators towards a comprehensive school counseling program in New York State”(p.3). The Literature Review Hardy’s literature review gives a historical overview regarding school counseling dating as late as 1950’s until the present. Hardy described the importance of organizations such as American School Counseling Association and Educational Trust participation regarding the transformation of school counseling program as well as, the school counselor’s role within elementary, middle and high school settings. ASCA and Educational Trust organizations are responsible for establishing parameters that most districts and states follow. Hardy’s related literature describes the old adage views regarding what ... ... middle of paper ... ...ounselors are able to advocate or implement ASCA national model if they are not adequately trained. Hardy did not provide reviewers or readers with information comparing New York States certification requirements versus another state that have extensive course requirements as well as prescriptive practicum placement. Researchers who are interested in investigating this topic and research question further may consider comparing New York State’s school counseling requirements versus another regional state. Works Cited Hardy, D. (2008). Perceptions of school counselors and school administration with respect to the roles of school counselor as they implement the new york state comprehension counseling model (Doctoral dissertation, Western Connecticut State, 2008). Dissertation Abstracts. ProquestJuly 23, 2011, ProqQuest Web site:

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