Critique: Patterns of Hospital Resource Utilization of Children with Leukemia and CNS Tumors

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The article “Patterns of Hospital Resource Utilization of Children with Leukemia and CNS Tumors: A Comparison of Children Who Survive and Those Who Die within 3 Years of Diagnosis” is a clearly written article. It identifies the variables as differences between children with leukemia and CNS tumors, in relation to cost, and resource utilization of children who either survived or died after 3 years. The population is stated as children from age 0-19 who had first time treatment for either leukemia or a CNS tumor. This article states the significance of to nursing as ensuring a better plan of care and better allocation of resources.
Current resources are used as references, the majority of the articles used are within 10 years of the publication date. Primary sources are not used in this study. Other relevant variables are addressed such as socioeconomic status and ethnicity. The gap in information is identified as the lack of knowledge about cost and hospital resource use in childhood cancer. This knowledge would be helpful for administration and parents of children with cancer, to better understand future expenses.
The research question is clearly stated as finding the patterns of cost and research utilization for children with leukemia and CNS tumors for 3 years after being diagnosed (Hendrickson, Rimar, 2009). This is consistent with the problem about lack of knowledge in costs that was stated earlier. Later in the research, Hendrickson did expand her question to include comparisons between children with leukemia and CNS tumors and likeliness to survive based on admission in the PICU.
Sampling size is sufficient with 223 children. The sample is representative of the population because survival statistics of the sample were t...

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...y to care for, and leukemia patients who spent time in the PICU were very sick and not likely to survive, CNS tumor patients that spent time in the PICU were likely to have had surgery to remove the tumor resulting in higher survival rates.
The discussion did involve the literature review and made references to previous research. It explained limitations of the research.
The conclusions were within the scope of the findings. They explained uses for the found information and future research that should be implemented.
Overall, this was a well written article. It contained reliable and valuable information regarding cost of leukemia and CNS tumors in relationship to survival rates. The data collection was accurate and the results were significant. The discussion of the article explained the reasons for the results obtained and opened the path for future research.
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