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The New Towns movement was a movement proposed by Sir Ebenezer Howard. Howard believed that these new towns would solve all of urban society’s ills. According to the book, “the sociological concept of a new town deals with the large-scale, holistic planning of a mixed-use, self-sufficient community- its physical design of streets and infrastructure, its provision of residential, commercial, educational, recreation, shopping and service facilities, its center, squares, parks, lakes and pathways; its blend of employment and leisure activities; and much more.” Many towns adopted the idea of the new town, one of the first being Britain. One of the main goals of the New Towns Act was to limit London’s increasing sprawl. Personally, I think Howard’s idea was very beneficial. The New Towns movement was well planned. The movement took place after World War II and the towns were well developed and helped with overcrowding and congestion. It also provided people with new and fully planned towns that were self-sufficient. Le Corbusier was a very influential urban planner who had an urban utop...
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