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In his speech on “Energy: Innovating to zero”, Gates firmly believes in his aspiration for zero carbon emissions through the use of clean and reliable energy sources. He accentuates the need to drastically lower our carbon footprint in order to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change on mankind and the environment. This, he said, can only be realised by cutting the amount of carbon dioxide produced per unit of energy down to zero, as given by his equation. He claims that existing technologies such as sequestration and renewable energy sources are unreliable and therefore fail to hit this target. Instead, he argues that more emphasis should be invested into R&D. He goes on to present a novel solution – TerraPower, which, according to him, has the capacity to provide near limitless amounts of energy. This would lower the price of energy considerably and thus alleviate poverty and encourage growth in poorer countries. From the outset, Gates establishes his parameters for discussion to be energy and climate, and is assiduous in his endeavour to remain objective. There are also man...
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